Revival Moments-Nov. 7, 2012

Revival Moments-November 7, 2012

This was a time of sharing about our recent revival, what God was trying to say to us through the revival and how we need to seek & trust Him more and to live our lives as the people of God in this place.  During this time of sharing several of our folks keyed in on difficult times in their lives.  Dr. Bert Browning was our revival speaker.  Bert was Pastor at Mentow during the early 1980’s.  Bert on one evening challenged our folks to think of perhaps the worst time in their lives and to know even out of that time hope in Christ, new life (revival) can come.

During our time of sharing several spoke more personally about their stories and how God continued to be present with them during those difficult times.  Some recalled difficult times in the life of the church, and God too is working to change hearts and lives.  It was a moment for me personally to listen and reflect on these people God has sent me to.  Reminding myself again it is truly the work of God that brings about life and not anything I can offer.

My moment in revival was the night Bert shared several questions with us.  Often times we grow more through the questions than in having all the answers.  Here are a few that still stay stuck in my mind…

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?  What does God do when you don’t know what to do?  Is anything too hard for God?  Why does God revive His people?  For a purpose, to be on mission for God.  Are you ready?  Many times we are not ready for what God wants to do.  Are you ready?  To be on mission for God we need to be prepared well, for anything God might want us to do?  The nature of God is He does things we don’t expect.  God is bigger than our definitions and also the nature of humans.

Can God do anything? Yes!  Through us? Yes! Are we ready?  May our answer be, Yes!

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