Second Sunday of Advent-Prepare the Way of the Word-Dec. 9, 2012

Second Sunday of Advent-Prepare the way of the Word-December 9, 2012

Scripture:  Luke 3:1-6

God speaks in specific times and ways just as Christ being born in Bethlehem was specific.  Isaiah mentions that the weight of the government will be upon his shoulders, and so as it is mentioned the heavy political forces at work, as well as the religious leaders who had a stake in what was going on at the time.  The word of God came to the one who was seeking Him.

After receiving the word John didn’t remain in the wilderness to avoid God, but rather to connect with God and then re-engage the world.  Bringing a message of repentance or turning our lives around.  I would also offer turning our lives around requires turning them over to Him, because salvation is the work of God.

Our challenge as believers is the same as that of John, to seek the Lord, and when He speaks be ready to move.  We must make ready the path of the Lord, both in our heart and then in the world around us.  It is much like road construction, but begins in the human heart and in our daily lives.  As we encounter the Word of God it builds up that which is low, humbles that which is puffed up, straightens the crooked, and makes smooth the rough spots.

Once we receive the Word, and respond, shall we and all flesh see the salvation of God in Jesus Christ.

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