Jesus invites…that Salvation May Come-Feb. 24, 2013

Jesus invites…that Salvation May Come-February 24, 2013

Scripture:  Luke 19:1-10, Revelation 3:20

Point 1-Jesus was on His way.  Jesus was on His was to Jerusalem that in a few short days He would give His life for the world that if they would believe they would receive eternal life.  Jesus always lived His life with a purpose in mind and the cross was ever before Him.  Yet even with the cross in His near future He makes the time to stop for others along the way.  So live your life with purpose and intentionality, but also make room for the divine encounters you may have with someone.

Point 2-The people you might least expect are also the ones that God desires a relationship with.  Zaccheus was a tax collector and rich.  He got rich in his profession by cheating the people he was responsible for collecting taxes from.  He was a small man and overextended his authority, making him a despised person in his community.  Who might we know that has wronged us, or have we ourselves wronged someone?

Point 3-Jesus invites us where we are, to be present with Him and begin our relationship with Him.  Jesus calls Zaccheus to come down so that He can go and stay at his house.  Jesus wants to make Himself at home in our hearts.

Point 4-Jesus invited and Zaccheus responded to Jesus invitation, not listening to the grumblers.  The first question is are we the one who needs Jesus or are we a grumbler?  Perhaps we don’t see ourselves as ones in need of Jesus grace, or we may be the one that grumbles because we think someone else doesn’t deserve His grace.  The third option is we recognize and respond to His invitation, and then thank God for His grace in Jesus for ourselves and others.

Point 5-An encounter with Jesus changes everything about a person.  The grumblers were upset because they thought they knew who Zaccheus was, but Jesus knew who He could be and the impact of Jesus on Zaccheus would not only bring salvation to Zaccheus but also a benefit to the community.  When Jesus dwells in us we are different and the world around us understands the greatness of God’s grace.  Our identity and actions become tied to His, and the world will know that we are His because of what He has done, and who we have become in Him.

Point 6-Jesus came to seek and save the lost.  Jesus comes seek those who are lost, but we should not be afraid.  He is not seeking to judge but to save.  In a few short days from this very event the work of grace will be complete.  Grace is always the work of God and done at His initiative otherwise we could do it through our work and that would set us up to compare and judge.  Grace is always the work of God through Jesus in the human heart if our hearts will be His welcome home.

Relation 3:20-Jesus stands and the door and knocks, will you let Him and celebrate those that do so that the world may be different because of Him.

There will always be grumblers.  Some will be upset that those of questionable character or actions may want to see Jesus or come to church.  Others may be upset or question how Jesus could or would want to save someone “like that”, although they may be less likely to say so with their words but by their actions.  Thankfully grace is not contingent upon the words of the grumblers but by the Word, Jesus Christ.  It is possible to be so lost that you don’t even know you are lost, it is truly grace that the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost.  Luke 19:1-10.

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