Seven Words of Worship-Harland & Moser-Feb. 27, 2013

Week 6-Expression-February 27, 2013

Points to Ponder

v  God delights in our unique expressions of worship in response to His revelation.

  1. We are able to enter God’s presence only by His grace-His unmerited favor and transforming power provided for our benefit.
  2. In either case, worship comes from the one who is lesser and dependent as he or she understands and submits to the greatness of the One who is superior.
  3. Our worship expression is a clear indicator of the depth and quality of our relationship with God.  When we live a surrendered life in response to who He is and what He has done, our response as we encounter God is free and unhindered.  What someone else might think about our response really doesn’t matter.  Worship is truly all about Him!
  4. God wants to hear our unique expressions of praise.  We simply cannot allow worship leaders to worship for us.  They are expressing their worship, but God wants to hear our very own expressions of worship.
  5. Standards are good as long as they are God’s standards, and the Bible is filled with standards to guide our expression of worship.  However, our tendency as human beings is to limit ourselves and those around us based on our own emotional comfort level.
  6. The Bible provides both freedom and boundaries for authentic worship expression.

v  God created music and musicians to precede and proclaim His presence, His power, and His Word; and to prepare His people to receive Him.

  1. God created music and musicians to precede and proclaim His presence, His power, and His Word; and to prepare His people to receive Him.
  2. God created music and musicians to lead His people as they celebrate, thank, and praise the Lord.  God did not create and appoint musicians to worship for the people but to lead the people as they worshiped!
  3. The singers and musicians were one-harmonically and spiritually and the King of kings responded with His presence!  Now that’s what I want to see in out worship assemblies, don’t you?

v  God created singers and musicians to be “lead worshipers,” but the pastor is the true worship leader.

  1. We commonly refer to the music leader or minister of music as the worship leader, but the true worship leader is the spiritual leader of the church:  the pastor.  Every part of the worship service must be under the pastor’s authority and direction.  The pastor is the one who is charged by God with the overall welfare of God’s precious lambs, including God’s servant who is in charge of the music.
  2. Singers and musicians have a very specific purpose in worship:  to prepare our hearts to receive the Word.
  3. When this distinction is clearly understood the congregation benefits greatly.
  4. The pastor is to the worship service what the mother of the bride is to the wedding ceremony.
  5. When the pastor is a worshiper and understands his role as worship leader, there is great freedom in worship.

v  Four key parts of the worship service and one special element of worship can help us to express our worship.

  1. The Coming In…as we come into the sanctuary, we are literally and figuratively setting ourselves apart from the world.  We sing at the beginning of the worship service because music and musicians were created to precede the power, presence, and Word of God.  Once the coming in-the separating from the world-has occurred, we are ready to proceed with the worship service.
  2. The table of the Lord… is given as a visible reminder of God’s eternal sacrifice in Christ Jesus.
  3. The Proclamation of the Word…music was created to precede the Word, not to replace it.  When we gather in God’s name without reading or the preaching of the Word, the worship service is incomplete.  Our understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done is determined by teaching and preaching from the written Word of God.
  4. The Going Out…we have separated ourselves for a time to receive the table and the Word.  Now it is time for us to take that Word back into our homes, schools, offices, and neighborhoods.
  5. Baptism is the visible demonstration of the grace gift of salvation and the Great Exchange-our total immersion into the life of Jesus that He has given in exchange for our life of sin.  Baptism should be a time of great joy, celebration, and worship.

v  We worship God by serving Him in our everyday lives with reverence and awe.

  1. Paul’s ministry itself was an expression of worship.
  2. Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us hold on to grace.  By it, we may serve God acceptably, with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire.  Hebrews 12:28-29
  3. The cycle is complete:  God initiates, we respond, and He responds to our worship with His glorious presence!

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