Be Thou My Vision-September 8, 2013

Be Thou My Vision-September 8, 2013

Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

Have you ever wished someone really knew you?

You know me and I want to know you more.  The Lord knows every part of us.  He knows the decisions that we make, the things that we do, the thoughts we think, you know if we are going out or lying down.  You are familiar with all my ways.

Before I can speak you know the words, you are all around me, you know me completely.  That type of knowledge is too wonderful, too lofty for me to gain and so I praise you for your great knowledge of me.  It is too much for me but I praise you for the little bits you reveal to me in small blessings as a portion of your greatness and grace.

Lord you created my innermost being, obviously you know my heart and thoughts you created me.  It was you that knit me together in my mother’s womb.  It was you that did your revealing work in the silence of pregnancy even before my first cries were heard by my own mother.  Before she labored, you began putting me together within the womb with specific precision.

The great precision of our bodies is not by chance or accident but by design.  We have a wonderfully great design by an intelligent designer and we praise you for we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  In fact all of your works are wonderfully made.  Your works are great and we need to only examine the world and universe around us or look at the design of our own bodies.

You have about 10 trillion cells in your body, so if you stretch the DNA in all the cells out, end to end, they’d stretch over 744 million miles.  The moon is only about 250,000 miles away, so all your DNA would stretch to the moon and back almost 1500 times.  The sun is 93,000,000 miles away, so your DNA would reach there and back about 4 times!

The eyes of God are able to see and oversee every part of His creation.  I loved going with Maryanna to the doctor during her pregnancy with Josiah.  Through modern technology, we were able to take brief glimpses into the handiwork of God.  I remember going and one time while they were doing some blood work one of the nurses gave me a little booklet filled with information about the development of babies.  This book was neat, and in it were some color photographs from inside the womb.

You would think with all these tools of science and medicine that there would be little mystery in the world today.  However, it is precisely this mystery that we find in God, His creation, in life, in the earth, in the universe, and in our own DNA.

Reading these little books they would describe a stage of development and what happened during that stage.  My favorite part was when these medical pamphlets would say we know this happens during this stage but how and why we do not know.  In their own pamphlet they actually used the word “mystery.”  I myself don’t know the answer to the mystery but to my God there is no mystery for He creates us in our mother’s womb and knows our innermost parts.

In this secret place you are there, working in your creation.  Many speak of creation as an event that began time itself and often we speak about it as a completed action, perfected and finished.  The God of creation is creating in each of us a love and desire that can only be filled by His presence in our lives.  The God of creation can recreate in us a clean and pure heart.

In your great wisdom and knowledge you have seen beyond the time and physical place where we exist.  You move our lives and give purpose and meaning to our existence.  You know all the days of my life before a single one came into being.  Is there any struggle or difficulty that the Lord does not know?  Is there anything we can hide from the eyes of the all-seeing Creator God?  We cannot escape the presence of the Lord, but what if we learned to trust His life-giving presence more each day.  When we are confused and don’t understand life, things go wrong, relationships fall apart, when we can’t see a way we can trust the Way.   When we can’t see and that makes us fearful, we need to trust the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-loving God.  We need to ask Him to be our vision, to focus on Him.  Our vision in the difficult times of life is not in seeing everything but trusting the one who does.

Our God is great, wonderful, and mysterious in all His ways.  When He chooses to reveal those thoughts to us, we should praise Him for that great gift, but trust Him even when He doesn’t reveal.  Are the thoughts of God precious to you?  If not is it because we think our knowledge is greater, or more vast, or that it contradicts the knowledge that we feel empowers us?  Until we understand His revelation as a gift it will never be precious to us.  If I were to count your thoughts they would be greater than the sands of the sea, and we would not live long enough to finish this exhaustive task.  In fact, it has never been done in all of the collective and cumulative attempts in creation to this point.  That is why there is still, and always will be mystery, poetry, philosophy, love, and things that move us to awe and praise.  These are not the product of the reason of science but our attempt to experience infinite divine in our finite lives.  Truly how can mere words express the great expanse and holiness of God.


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