September 22, 2013-Chasing the Light

September 22, 2013-Chasing the Light

Scripture:  I Timothy 6:6-19

What are things that you and I hold dear?  Do we actually have to hold those things to consider them dear?  When we think about our lives what would it take for us to be content?  Would just having our needs met keep us content?  Does contentment imply inactivity or a passive approach to life?  Can we be content in or with a desire or a direction?  What motivates you?  What is your passion?  What have you held on to for so long?  Does it involve the godliness of Christ?  Why should we seek or desire that?  What use is it in the world today?  Even if we did desire it, could we even obtain it?  Would you be willing to pursue what you cannot obtain?  Better yet, are you willing to pursue what you can get even if in the end you won’t be able to keep it?  Does contentment also mean complacency?  Can you chase and catch light?  We may never completely be able to catch the light but the better questions may be, will we block the light to bear the light?

There are so many things in this world that we will try to obtain control and acquire, and not all of these things are necessarily bad.  The greater problem is not the value (goodness or badness) of any one of these things but rather in our desires for those things replacing a desire for Christ in our lives.  You may think that replacing Christ is too strong for you but do they dim the light of Christ in your life?  Paul tells Timothy that, “godliness with contentment is great gain.”  There will be those that purse godliness, but are not content, they want to serve two masters.  Many times we want Christ and…instead of Christ the one and only.  What if you loved your spouse and another, or your spouse and football, friends, shopping, etc.?  Would they feel betrayed?  Would they feel that at the least your loyalties were divided?  If that is the case then what motives the decisions you make when you have to make a choice?  Is it all about what would be of greatest benefit to you at that time?  If so, is that really love?  Love, like light is an intangible but very real thing.  Growing in love or in faith requires devotion.  When there is a chance to take an easier path, many will choose to do so.

In the process of learning to be content while pursuing Christ, is really the process of accepting what is and not what we hope it to be.  In one way we must be more like children ready to dream the impossible dream and pursue Christ like we would chase light.    In another way we must be mature enough to understand that the things we see and have here are only temporary, and we came into this world with nothing and will also leave with nothing.  The idea that we ever really own or posses anything is just a temporary state.  The only things that are lasting are the things eternal.  The difficulty is in this world is the things we believe we need in most cases are our wants.  The greatest of ironies is that we believe ourselves to be consumers, and this is true that we ourselves have become consumed by our own desires.

Loving anything more than God will change our lives and alter our perspective.  Money and things is one of the most dangerous of these.  In the pursuit of money many people have been willing to do anything to gain money or things.  Having this as your first love we chase means we will neglect spouses, children, others, and it is consumes a life.  A singular pursuit that does not give life, is one that will cause grief and collateral damage.  Having money and owning things is not bad, but letting them own you is another thing entirely.

But you man of God, woman of God, flee from those things pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.  Fight the good fight of faith.  Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called.  We have to pursue the things of God, to seek after them.  It is hard to pursue two very different things.  Scripture says that we cannot love both God and money because we will love one and hate the love.  If you notice that the things mentioned here are all things that improve relationships, both with God and with others.  It will be a struggle at first because the things of this world have a strong pull. We will want to continue to go our own way and pursue our own interests.  Laying hold of our confession is more that just confessing it is obedience and pursuing His will above our own.

It is Christ alone who is worthy and paid the price for our sins.  Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light.  Unapproachable light, the light of God Jesus Christ.  It reminds me of when Moses went up on the mountain and when he came down his face was so bright with radiance of God that they asked him veil his face.  Cover up the light of God.  The light is a great analogy for Christ because even when we can’t see Him, He can light the way of our journey, and provide the warmth of His presence.

Put your hope in God not things of this world.  Do good deeds, if we need to be rich it should be in good deeds and the willingness to share with others.  It is in doing so we are laying up treasures in heaven, and in letting go of the things of this world we can truly begin to live and take hold of the life that is truly life.  Holding on to things that are not life will only bring us down.  Pursue life.  Be contended to chase, spin, and bask in the glory of the light of Christ.  Do not be ones who will be a hindrance, veil, or block the light of Christ but rather bear the light of Christ to the world.


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