A Thankful People-November 24, 2013pm

A Thankful People-November 24, 2013pm

Colossians 1:3-14

Be thankful for the larger body of Christ and the work that they are doing for His Kingdom.  Be thankful when we hear about their faith.  Be thankful not jealous.  Jealousy may be putting us at odds where God is blessing and in so doing we may be against the same kingdom we claim to love and serve also.

Paul speaks of faith, hope, and love that stored up in heaven which they have already heard about as believers, and which also God expects us to share.  Remember that we are not also that this gospel is already bearing fruit all over the world and you are a part of it so pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and down the street.

The gospel though does not bear fruit just through hearing alone but also through  understanding God’s grace in all its truth.  We will not bear fruit through hearing alone but in understanding, accepting, and living into God’s grace.  Until we understand who we are and our condition before God we do not truly understand grace.  We give thanks when we understand our place and the greatness of His grace.  It is this place of grace and thankfulness that we also learn to give thanks and pray for our brothers and sisters all over the world that are sharing the gospel and bearing fruit.

In learning to give thanks, we do not discover who we are but rather who God is.  In giving thanks we are able to see the blessings of others as God’s acts of grace upon their lives.  Paul says from the day they heard about the church at Colossae that have not stopped praying for them asking God to continue to bless through knowing God’s will, spiritual wisdom, and understanding.  Why would we pray this for our brothers and sisters?  So that they live a life worthy of the Lord and pleasing to Him.  What is it that is pleasing to the Lord?  Bearing fruit in every good work, growing in knowledge of God, and being strengthened with all power.  The reason that He desires these things for us is that tough times will come and when they do we will have endurance because we have learned to trust His grace in spite of our circumstances.  We will be able to live with patience, which is not the same as tolerating something, someone, or some circumstance, but is seeing with a larger view that one day does not make a lifetime.  The current circumstances are not the final word.

Trust God and thank Him for the blessings of His presence, His grace, and the promise of Kingdom.  His grace has rescued us from darkness to the Kingdom of light to share in the Kingdom of His Son.  That is more thank enough to give thanks not just at Thanksgiving but everyday.  Live a life of grace because God has been gracious.

Blessings from the King of Glory-November 24, 2013am

Blessings from the King of Glory-November 24, 2013am

Psalm 24

Who is this King of Glory? He is Creator, Lord, and King. The earth and everything in it is his. When we are tempted to question God or whether we are blessed I think Job offers some answers. When God speaks in Job 38 he first tells Job he intends to ask some questions. God begins with were you there at creation that you can instruct me about it? It is in creation we begin to see and understand the magnitude of his majesty. God continues making Job quite aware of who he is, God, and it makes Job more aware that he is not. Job responds with I spoke without understanding, things too wonderful for me to know. And I heard you but now I see you and repent in dust and ashes.

He is Lord and has no equal. He is the King of Glory and there is no end to his reign. Thanksgiving is understanding our place so that we understand his grace. He doesn’t bless us because he has to but because he desires to and is able to do so. All blessings flow from the throne of the King of Glory. His greatest and most powerful blessing is his presence, and for that we should all be thankful. Unless you do not know him as King.

He is Creator and able to bless and does so by giving us life and sharing his presence. He is Lord and to him there is no equal. To ascend to the hill of the Lord is only possible through his grace. He is th King of Glory. His Kingdom is eternal and so the blessing of the presence of the King.

Who is the King of Glory? You may have heard of him, the Lord Almighty. The better questions may be first, have you seen him and second, do you know him and third, is he your King? When we know he is Creator, Lord, and King it is easy to be thankful because we recognize the blessing of his presence in our lives and our presence in his Kingdom.

He is my King! I wonder do you know him today?

Psalm 24; Job; Rev. S.M. Lockridge (if you don’t know him it is well worth your time on YouTube).

Too Long


It has been too long

The days, weeks

Moments were forgotten

Self-absorbed, turned away


It has been too long

Since these knees would bend

Hands clasp together

Finding life in your presence


It’s been too long

A hungry soul weeps

For the breath of creation

To recreate a new heart


Has it been too long

Do you still hear the prayers

Of this prodigal

Returning again to you


It has not been too long

The hands that bled

Are still the hands that bless

Restore again this soul with hope.