Praise to the Giver of All Good Things-October 27, 2013

Praise to the Giver of All Good Things-October 27, 2013

Psalm 65

What is it that God desires?  God desires that His name will be praised, and that His work would be completed or fulfilled.

We praise God for His Salvation, His creation, and His bountiful, fruitful, blessing.

God answers prayers gives forgiveness and the ability to approach God’s house.

All men will come.  When we were OVERWHELMED by sins, you forgave our transgressions.  It is important here to consider that most of us think we can manage our lives and that we have our sins under control.  This is perhaps one of the greatest barriers to finding full delivery from our sins.  We do not want to acknowledge that we have a sin problem.  When we push back the idea that there is or could be sin in our lives, we are most likely not going to give that sin to the only one who can do and has done something about it.  It is in this that we come to appreciate and understand the greatness of our praise is magnified when we understand the fulness of God’s grace.  He forgave our sins by paying them in full.

We are blessed that He chose and brought near to live in your courts!  What a blessing to know that He chooses us, loves us, saves us, and desires for us to dwell where He dwells for us to be in His courts, the courts of the kingly place.  There is no bad place that is in the presence of the Lord.  The Lord and His goodness reign forever.

When we are filled it is not by our own hand or power but is because of the greatness and bounty of God.

The creativity that God uses at creation is the same creativity that God uses for Salvation.  Creation reveals the awesome deeds of God and they are the praise of the Lord.

The focus is always on God.  It is God that created, redeemed, loved, and provided a way for salvation.  God is the gracious host who invites us to live in His house and eat at His table.  Nothing is beyond God’s dominion, power, and sovereignty and all of creation praises its maker and so should we.

We convinced that today that we have or should have things, “under control.”  If this is true then people  are tempted to praise themselves and not God.

“the loss of wonder, the in ability to sing songs of praise about the reliability of life, is both a measure and cause of our profanation of life.” -Walter Brueggemann

Who is the only on our praise is due.

It is not us, or the government of the United States or any national power or ruler that rules the world.  God rules the world!  Citizenship in the reign of God allows persons to look beyond mere national security to the one who is the security of all the ends of the earth.  It is our great God that desires and deserves our praise.

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