The Battle Belongs to the Lord-November 10, 2013

The Battle Belongs to the Lord-November 10, 2013

2 Chronicles 20:15-24

There is an assurance from God’s man and the message from God’s man and the message was not just for the privileged but the message was for the king, the city, and the country.  The Lord is letting them know ahead of time what he is going to do and how it is gonna happen so when it does happen the people can be sure of a few things.  First that God is in control, second, God is able to do what He says He will do, third, we can find comfort and protection in the Lord, fourth we should always give thanks to God for the Battle is His we do not need to fear.

God is in control so do not be afraid of life, either the grandness of it or the difficulties that come our way.   God is in control.  It may seem or appear that the circumstance of life can seem overwhelming, like there is no way out.  Life can seem to come upon us like a vast army.  Do not feat God is in control.  We can look at the circumstances and begin to believe what we see rather than what we hear.  What we hear is a Word from the Lord that He is in control and that victory can and will happen if God promised it.  God’s Word and action are one in the same.

Don’t get in a fight that is not yours.  The battle belongs to the Lord.  Trust God, trust first what you hear from the Lord and He will allow you to see the victory faith is a response to God’s Word and precedes deliverance.  “Stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you” (v. 17).  What do you need to be delivered from?  Trust God, He is able.

Praising God for His promise, even before we see His delivery, will demonstrate our faith in His promise and then we can celebrate even more for the victory and delivery.  Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord and to praise Him for the splendor of His holiness as they went and demonstrated their faith in action by going our ahead of the group.    They sang praise (not for the promised victory) but the splendor of His glory.

God’s victory was complete, no one has escaped in any of these three armies, from the destruction.  If God is complete in this He is also complete in everything.  If He did not overlook not one of the enemies He certainly will not overlook you in your time of need.  God’s Word and action are one in the same.

The word came to the people, do not be afraid of the large number of the armies surrounding you. This isn’t your fight. The battle belongs to the Lord. First, hear the word, because faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17). The word is, “it’s not your fight “. Trust God He keeps His word. The people are told to come see the deliverance. If seeing is believing, then this demonstration of God’s power is definitely proof for belief.

Hear God speak into your circumstances and because it is God speaking have faith that he is at work and the battle is his. After hearing that calls forth faith. Faith is trusting God. Then comes the seeing the evidence of God at work and fulfilling his promises. God’s Word is one in the same as His action. Understanding this links hearing to seeing and faith to belief. The only thing that God cannot do is fail.

Don’t be dismayed by the circumstances around you. Listen, have faith, see God work, believe in what you have seen. Remember the battle belongs to the Lord. 2 Chronicles 20:15-24


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