Christmas Chaos-December 4, 2013

Christmas Chaos-December 4, 2013

Matthew 24:36-44

It seems that no matter what time we live in people have generally been the same.  We see our lives are to be lived for ourselves.  Life goes on today just as it has for many thousands of years.  The same problems that people had long ago are essential the same problems with still have today.  We might be tempted to think that after all this time that there would be a better learning curve.

Most do not take time or make time for God and His word in their lives.  People are getting married, visiting with friends, eating, drinking, following our own pursuits with no knowledge of what God has in store.  Whether we might call it chaos or not, our lives are busy and filled with our own pursuits and too often God is not at the top of the list of our priorities.  Look each year at the hype and build up to Thanksgiving and the Advent Season, it has become so commercial that even what is intended to celebrate God now honors our greed.

Our scripture reminds us that it has always been this way and that really only a few will truly listen and honor God.  In the time of Noah, the people dismissed him as crazy and at best some strange religious zealot, after all God has never done anything like this before.  All we really have is this life and what we make of it so let’s live our lives, right?  So we should enjoy life, our own desires, and not be bothered with God.  God was trying to get the people to recognize Him, acknowledge Him, repent, and turn to Him, but they were too busy to notice a giant boat built a good bit in land as a sign of anything but Noah being crazy.  A very physical example dropped into the middle of their busy lives is just not enough and so life goes on and if that crazy guy over there wants to build a boat then that is not my problem.  They continue to live life and stay busy about their business not knowing what God was about to do until the flood waters came.

That’s how it was when Jesus was born.  The government leaders and kings did not know when Jesus was born.  Actually almost no one knew when Jesus was born or who He was.  By contrast today in our world of instant news and social media many people seem to know about a child being born today than ever before.  In Jesus’ time there were no telephones or internet so unless this baby being born was to important parents there was little to note other than for the immediate family.  Even in those days there were signs from the writings of the prophets, appearances of angels, and even in the sky.  The Magi were not Jewish but studied the stars and history and knew that a very special birth was about to happen.  Is it possible that people were too busy, or they just thought God has been silent so long that He had stopped speaking to them?  Immanuel God with us, showed up in flesh and blood in the crazy busy time of a national census.  No kings knew about it, there were no parades to celebrate Him, no room for Him in the Inn, and no real big deal.  In reality it was and is a big deal.  No kings knew but yet the wise men knew to come looking for Him.  No parades yet a few humble shepherds came to honor Him.  No room for Him in the Inn yet there was space in the stable.  It is a really big deal.

When He returns people will still be going about life as usually walking, playing, running, planting gardens, grocery shopping, and many more things we all believe to be important. In that moment things will change we will be swept away in the reality that God is here, He is present, He is among us, and will we be ready for Him?  Will there be room in your heart for Him?  Do you think all the people who want to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas are a little carried away or crazy?  If it means the world sees these as crazy are you willing to be crazy too?  Jesus will come when we least expect, so will we be always looking with expectation to see if Christ is on the way?

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