Characters of Christmas-The Innkeeper-December 15, 2013

Characters of Christmas Series-is a sermon series that I am doing each Sunday in Advent dressed in character done as a dramatic monologue.

The Innkeeper-December 15, 2013

Knock, Knock

I’m Coming, I’m Coming!  Doesn’t anyone know what time it is?  Can I help you?  No we do not have any rooms available.  With this census we are busy all the time with people coming and going.  I can see that your wife is with child, and I’m sorry but it is the middle of the night and I can’t just ask other guests to leave.   Have you tried the place down the street?  Oh, you went there first…I don’t have any rooms…I could at least give you some shelter in our stable.  I know it would not be ideal but it would give you, your wife, and the donkey a place to rest and stay dry and warm.

Here is the place.  This stall is empty right now and should give you a place to rest for the night.  Let me know if you need anything else.  I hope it is not till morning (said under his breath).

Innkeeper goes back to the Inn and tries to back to sleep.   A couple of hours later there is another knock at the door.

Knock! Knock!

Good grief, I’m coming, I’m coming (sounding tired).  Opening the door he sees some rough-looking shepherds standing there.  I’m sorry guys we do not have any more rooms.  You are not looking for a room then why are you knocking on the door of my Inn in the middle of the night?  Who did you say you are looking for?  A king?  There is no king here, a government official or two, but certainly no king I would have known if there was a king here.  I would be the biggest honor for my Inn and there would be people who would come from all around to stay at my Inn where a king had also stayed the night.  Nope, I’m sure of it no king here.

What did you say, he was just born?  No, that couldn’t be?  There was a man and his wife, who were with child and she could have been close to birth.  But that man and woman were just ordinary people.  There wasn’t any entourage.  Are you sure you are not crazy?  Who did you say told you this?  An angel of the Lord, you must be crazy.

Still…I did not have any more rooms in the Inn, just like I told you.  I did give them some space to stay in my stable.  Oh no!  What if the baby was born there, why didn’t I just give them my room?  What if the baby really is a king?  What was that you have come to worship a newborn?  I do what I have to but I only worship in my heart God.  The angel said this was God’s anointed, His very own Son, the long-awaited Messiah, and I let him be born in my barn.  Oh no, God will surely punish me for this one.

I will take you to the stable, maybe this child has not been born yet and I can give him a proper place to be born.  I had no idea she was so close or who was the child that she was carrying.  How could I have possibly known that?

The shepherds and the Innkeeper arrive at the stable to the surprise cries of a young child.  How could this be?  The shepherds are now almost running.  I just let them go ahead of me.  (No stopping) How can I even show my face in there?  If I let a king, God’s own Son, to be born in a barn rather than my Inn how can God forgive me?

How was I to know?  I mean really we generally do not have a full Inn.  Lately though, there have been so many travelers through here with the census going on.  People are having to travel to their hometowns to be counted and all this coming and going has meant a lot of traffic for my little Inn.  We are a family business and the truth is I cannot afford to turn away any paying customers.  We depend on the help of people telling others about our little Inn.

All this extra traffic has been good for business but it also has been wearing our family.  It takes a lot to clean each one of these rooms each night.  My family works so hard.  They listen to the stories of the weary travelers.  My children play with their children while they are here trying to help them feel comfortable.

How could I have missed the biggest thing that has even happened at our Inn?  Actually it has been in our stable.  I should have asked more questions.  I am so ashamed that I did not know who this child would be.  The shepherds are coming back this way.  Maybe I can feel this out a little bit from them?  Did you see the child?  Did the family seem upset that I did not have any room for them in the Inn?  They were actually grateful that I allowed them to stay in my stable.  How can this be a king?  How can his parents be thankful for a barn as a birthplace?  Did they have a name for the child yet?  Jesus!  Jesus?  Yes, Jesus!

Jesus!  Jesus that very name means He will save.  Could this really be the Messiah born in my barn?  If He is the Messiah how can I not go and see Him?  Can he save me?  If He is the Messiah then He can save me, and all of us.  He is here in my stable, why am I standing here?  I will go see Him.  I will worship Him.  There was no room in my Inn, but I can make room in my heart for Him.  Will you do the same?


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