Shadows Move


Shadows move down the hall,

Moving toward my seat,

Soon all light will be gone,

In this winter’s bleak.

In the twilight of the season,

In the twilight of my days,

Remembering the sunny fields of youth,

The days when I would play.

Running was taken for granted,

Love was tender and true,

Now life is withering away,

Like morning sun, drying the dew.

The sun has come this morning,

To call again the dew,

Come once again, light my skin,

But will never make me new.

Shadows Stir

Shadows Stir

Shadows stir in your eyes, as the light of my love becomes faint.  Dimmed by the light of another.

You Are Loved

You Are Loved

The month of February each year brings several things on the horizon.  Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, President’s Day, and the whole month is Black History Month.  Then there is Valentine’s Day.  No matter what the background and history of Valentine’s Day has been, for many, today it is a very difficult time.  It conjures up inflated ideas and ideals of love that many will not be able to measure up to.  The amount of money spent each year on Valentine’s Day itself or things surrounding Valentine’s Day is easily in the 10’s of billions.  I checked statistics from several places including the government and I could not find any that were below 10 billion.

When I consider this, it becomes more evident that there is a lot of pressure surrounding this day.  It seems that it also says a lot about a deep human need, the need to be loved.  We all have a desire and even a deep emotional need to know that we are loved.  It is a little ironic that there should be a special day that reminds people to care for one another the way we should be all the time.

Valentine’s Day is not fun for a lot of people.  The commercialization of this day has made people who are not in committed romantic relationships feel as if something is wrong with them.  This is so untrue that one day is not a representative of a whole life.  Having someone to spend money on you is not the answer but rather having the assurance that every day you are loved.  You are supported, cared for, desired, and that your life has value and meaning to another.  Valentine’s Day is difficult for those who do not have relationships or have experienced recent loss of a relationship.

In his book, The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman says that there are really five main ways that we communicate and receive love.  They are quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.  It is interesting that retailers and commercial markets would like us to believe that it is only about the gifts.  At different times we each need different ones of these expressions of love.

It may not seem like news to some of us, but it is truly the best news that anyone could receive.  Jesus loves you.  He really does.  He loves us in spite of who we are.  He loves us, supports us, cares for us, desires us, and our lives have value and meaning to Him.  The greatest love story that was written is not the one that ends with billions of dollars being spent on candy that will be eaten in a couple of weeks or flowers that will die in that same time.  The greatest love story is that the Son of God thought that you and I were special enough to leave the glory He had in heaven with His Father and came to this earth to be with us.  His desire for a relationship and eternity with us is so great that He was willing to trade His life for ours.  He loved us so much that He died for you and me.  That assurance is better than any chocolates, candy, flowers, or dinner.