It Is Because of Him-January 26, 2014

It Is Because of Him-January 26, 2014

Scripture:  1 Corinthians 1:17-31

What qualifies us is not wisdom, stature, birthright, or humanly valued.  God chooses differently to humble the things of this world.  It is God’s reminder to those that think they can boast, that it is He that is God, it is He that is in control, it is He who qualifies, He who makes righteous, He who is and make holy, it is He who redeems us.  It is in Him that we have life.

It is because of Him that in Jesus, we are His.

No one can destroy a god that they didn’t create.  Destroy the idols or philosophies, they cannot be gods, we can only destroy that which is created not that which is.

If He is God, then is He always right?  Is there anything that He cannot do?  If there is a disagreement between God and you, then who is right?  What does it mean that He is God?

God being God means He is the one who gets to decide or have His will accomplished or He is not God.

Sometimes God demonstrates His power in direct and obvious ways and sometimes His power by demonstrating that He can and will use things that we do not think would be powerful.

It was God’s wisdom that He chose to use things that would confuse conventional wisdom to prove that He can do whatever, however He wants.

Is it so possible to be caught up in our own world that we miss the creator of it?

God chooses that which appears not, to demonstrate His greatness, and His grace.  This is done to disrupt, to confuse, and to help people understand the shift, it is not about me or you and if it were then it certainly not be grace.  The foolishness of the preaching of the cross is also that which is its greatest power, and grace.  Grace is foolish.

No flesh should glory in his presence.  You and I never get to say to God “I told you so.”  Many have tried again and again to prove God wrong and Job proved them right.  Who can compare their created temporary dying selves to the eternal creator of all?  No one can that is the definition of one, He is a singularity.

It is because of Him that we have hope, purpose, direction, peace, salvation, wisdom, righteousness and sanctification or redemption.

If we are to glory it is not about ourselves or others, but glory is reserved for God, this is the way the commands begin with no other gods before me, no idol, no image, nothing to pigeon-hole, nothing to label, nothing to doubt nothing but Christ Jesus who is a problem for both Jews and Greeks, and now there is this new “Christian” community and they are trying to find a way to get along an identity.  Paul reminds them, that on one has it right or has an entitlement but it was through the plain foolishness of preaching that we hear the most foolish of things, than the penalty of sin is death, but God although we stood already convicted even if we were not convinced we let His Son leave the glory of eternity to become the person who would bear the fullness of our death in His death on the cross.  I am glad to serve a foolish God.

It is foolishness to preach the cross of Christ, but foolish or not that IS the power of the gospel to change lives. It is foolishness to those who would think that they are too wise or this too simple. It is foolishness to those that would be foolish enough to believe that they have any glory, power, or position. It cannot be earned, checked off of a checklist, or reasoned away. It can only be trusted, believed in, lived into, and accepted as a gift. It can never be altered it can only be received as is. Scripture says that it pleased God to save through the foolishness of preaching the cross of Christ.

So each Sunday morning I join my fellow ministers of that gospel in a great act of foolishness to the rest of the world…that is preach. We preach the foolishness of the power of the cross of Christ to save. It is because of Christ that we have salvation, hope, and life. God doing it God’s way not any logical, human, way and that is what defines Him as God. God calls those that the world would not choose to show both His mercy and love, but also His power.

So I will foolishly preach that some may be saved through the power of the cross. The only thing more foolish would be to preach and not share the power of the cross for salvation. It may be foolish to the world, but I thank God for His extravagant foolishness, because it is the grace that saved me, redeemed me, and gives me hope, both for tomorrow and purpose for today. If I am going to be a fool, better to be a fool for God. I hope you will go to or visit a local church and hear the most foolish things. Others may think you foolish for doing so, but it is only foolish if it does not have the power to save and change your life. 1 Corinthians 1:17-31


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