Age of Eden

Age Of Eden

There was a time past when days were new.  The morning was embraced with excitement and anticipation.  Barefoot trampling the fresh grass, soft, rich, and green.  Eyes were wide open looking for each new adventure, seeking, and searching.  The smell of the warm air in my nostrils.  Filling my lungs.  The fruits of others labors were within my grasp.  I was flying where there were no limitations.  I had no experience to tell me otherwise.  Feet and legs were churning and running, faster and faster.  Running, jumping, playing, and thoughts were noble and all dreams were possible.  This was time and place when innocence and perfection thrived.  We were lost in moments that seemed to go on for eternities.  Our young, strong bodies would never get old.  The swift stream carried nourishment to the fruits of the fields.  Today there is a hazy glow after a heavy rain on this late spring afternoon.  My mind is filled with remembrances simpler more innocent days gone by, my eyes are fresh with a new vision for life, and my soul with new purpose for the days ahead.

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