Sweet Day

Sweet Day

Oh, sweet day, when will you come? Come that I may once again dance in laughter and in love. When can I hear my heart pound again with purpose? Until that day, my heart and dancing feet merely mark the time.

Elusive love I have danced your sweet tune before, and drank of you cup for nourishment. Escape me not in the future, yet return again in bar and rhyme. Move again my feet, stir my soul to reality. Allow me to know again the joy of the moment. The hours it will consume and the years I will invest.

Go beyond, and connect me to your eternal presence, oh love. Eternal in relation to God and others, the essence of love is not individualistic, rather discovered in communion with God and in relation to others. Return again in communion to you and community with others.

Let my life take shape in that reality, and draw me again to my identity. Allow me not to forget that all-encompassing presence. Provide me the eyes to see, the heart to feel, the soul to long, and the feet to dance. Life demands as much, all else is mere existence.

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