The Road Less Traveled… A Love That Let’s Go-May 11, 2014-Mother’s Day

The Road Less Traveled… A Love That Let’s Go-May 11, 2014-Mother’s Day

I Samuel 1:9-11, 20, 24-28

Hannah and her husband Elkanah had no children but Elkanah also had a second wife Peninnah.  Peninnah would tease and provoke Hannah year after year. Hannah was very sad and became discouraged because she could not have a son, a child, and she was ridiculed by her rival.

It would be bad enough to have the desire to have a child and be unable to do so, but to make it worse a member of your own household would ridicule you for it. This is bullying on a whole new level.

She was in bitterness of soul pouring her heart out to God and weeping. She was up at the door of the place of worship and Hannah makes a vow to the Lord, “O Lord if you look down on your servants misery and give her a son, then I will give him to the Lord.”

This reminds me of my father-in-law speaking of his own children said, “They are a gift given to me by God. I am thankful that God chose to give me two sweet children, but they are really God’s always have and always will be. I am the one who has been blessed to love them in this world.”

What would you do, if you had received one of the greatest gifts you could receive, would you be willing to give that gift back to God? Hannah asked God to bless her with a child and when God did she gave him to the Lord. We cannot hold on to them forever, they are His and we can trust Him. Do we love God enough to let go of our claim on their lives that they can become what He wills? Do you have ha love that can let go?

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