Revelation Chapter 7-September 17, 2014

Revelation Chapter 7 Interlude

Chapter 7:1-8 earth:

Faithful of God marked with a seal on their foreheads to protect them. “144, 000 sealed to God from every tribe of Israel” (except the tribe of listed first. None from Dan b/c a writing of the time said one would come who opposed the Messiah from the tribe of Dan. (No indication of evil from the people of God). 2) order of tribes doesn’t mean anything, just that all the people of God will be protected and defended by God so will survive the persecution.

Chapter 7:9-17 heaven:

all the faithful of God’s people robed in white, praising God and the Lamb.

  1. 13 Who are these people in white?
  2. 14 answer to question
  3. 15-17 reward earned by the faithful of God’s people


meaning: Those who have given their lives in this present persecution take their place before God and learn what their faithfulness has secured for them.


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