Revelation Chapters 4-5-September 3, 2014

Chapters 4 and 5, Vision of God and the Lamb

apocalyptic, indicates a particular style or genre or writing


there are shared images from the Old Testament, such as from Daniel, and several new images presented in Revelation

Throne room of God-crystal and precious stone to refract light-create a rainbow, Old Testament imagery of God’s promise

24 smaller thrones for the 24 elders 2*12, 12 from the Old Testament, 12 from the New-representative of all the faithful of God’s people

Sea of glass-many throne rooms of time period had thrones on raised platform, with are in front of the throne of reflective material to add splendor


4 living creatures+all of created order:

lion-wild beasts

ox-domestic beasts




Scroll with seven seals

meaning of the scroll has been debated, but likely to be the unfolding of God’s judgement on those who were persecuting God’s people

only one worthy to open the scroll is slaughtered lamb (sacrificed) and which has over come death.

7 horns-complete power

7 eyes complete wisdom

7 spirits Holy Spirit


Main theme, unceasing praise to the Lord of all creation, 7 types of praise assigned to Messiah that emphasizes the Messiah’s sacrifice.









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