Fall From Grace?

How far then is a fall from grace?

It may be impossible to measure, if measurable at all,

What do we do to earn grace?

If it is earned then it is not grace

Grace by its very definition is unmerited favor.

The great sorrow in a fall from grace is that it shatters

It shatters that picture perfect way that we see ourselves

In that moment the greatest pain, is the reality that we are not as we thought ourselves to be.

In those moments it is not grace that has failed us, but our flawed image of self.

It is grace that sustains us, gives us permission to see ourselves and others as God see us…fallen…already

The beauty then in this broken image of ourselves is in grace, we are given then image of one who is beautiful.

We have never fallen from grace, but perhaps have fallen from our pedestals to the grace that gives life.

It is in grace that we truly see and understand our humanity and need.

It is in grace that we find who God is.

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