Christ First-August 28, 2016

Excerpt from the sermon…

Christ, by virtue of him being God makes him worthy of worship and praise.

Christ in his sacrificial death on the cross is also worthy of our love and affection.

Many will choose one or the other or neither. Some only wanting to love themselves or others. Still others do not worship and honor him as Lord. Still others choose only to love and worship self.

Jesus asked the disciples, “who do you say that I am?” We too as modern disciples must answer this question with our words and deeds.

Do we honor and obey Jesus as Lord? Do we love him as Savior?

If we don’t see him as Lord we will neglect to worship. If we do not love him as Savior we cheapen his grace.

How will we respond to the will of our Lord and the love of our Savior?

Our lives will reveal our hearts. Is Christ first in our lives? It has to be first true of the members before it is true of the body. May we put Christ first each day.

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