September 7, 2016-End John 1, 7 Signs in John-Chart, and Beginning of Chapter 2:1-11

Chapter 1

Points in 43-51

The next day, Jesus leaves for Galilee.  He finds Philip and said to him, “follow me.”  Philip finds Nathanael to tell him the news of the Messiah and Nathanael’s response is about where Jesus is from.  “Nazareth!  Can anything good come from there?”

Sometimes we are too quick to judge where a person comes from, or their place or position in the world.  In doing so we make judgements with dimmed eyes and cloudy hearts looking not at God’s love, intention, calling, and purpose upon their lives.  When we view people this was we often do not see Christ in them, we see them through the eyes of the world and often as a commodity.

Philip just says see for yourself.  When Jesus sees him coming he sees Nathanael’s heart, and it prompts Nathanael to ask, “How do you know me?”  He knows us as only God can, because he is God’s Son and is God.  Jesus responds with where he was at when Philip came to get him.  A place that he was not able to see with his earthly eyes, but know because of who he was.

Upon this encounter, he immediately acknowledges that Jesus is God’s Son, and the king of Israel.  Amazing that once Jesus saw to his heart that it didn’t matter anymore what village or town Jesus came from, it only matter who he was.

Do we worry more about the earthly things that who someone really is?

Jesus tells him, that he believed because of his sharing a personal intimate detail, and Jesus basically says, just wait you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The gospel is for all, but it is personal in nature, in its calling out, and in our response.  The beginning of our walk with Jesus is just that, the beginning.  Greater things are yet to come.

                                THE SEVEN SIGNS IN JOHN
1.  Changing water to wine 2:1-11 Points to Jesus as the Source of all the blessings
of God’s future (see Isa. 25:6-8; Jer. 31:11-12;
Amos 9:13-14)
2.  Healing the official’s son 4:43-54 Points to Jesus as the Giver of life
3.  Healing the invalid at Bethesda 5:1-15 Points to Jesus as the Father’s Coworker
4.  Feeding the five thousand 6:1-15, 25-29 Points to Jesus as the life-giving Bread from
5.  Walking on water 6:16-21 Points to Jesus as the divine I AM
6.  Healing the man born blind 9:1-41 Points to Jesus as the Giver of spiritual sight
7.  Raising Lazarus 11:1-44 Points to Jesus as the Resurrection and the Life
*1-7 Taken from Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions
8.  The Resurrection of Jesus? 20 Points to Jesus’ resurrection as the new beginning
*8 Theme idea from Love Wins, by Rob Bell

The First Sign-Water to Wine-John 2:1-11

The changing of the water to wine is considered the first of Jesus’ miraculous signs.  We will also over the weeks ahead will take a look at the rest of these as we consider what each of these signs mean in their own context, and what they reveal about Jesus.  In a broader sense what they say about God’s plan for us.

In one way the miracles affirm something of who Christ is.  Jesus was at a wedding feast, a time of celebration for those that were beginning their married life together.  In this time of celebration, the supplies run short and there are not enough provisions.  Jesus’ mother comes to him for assistance.  Who better to know what Jesus was capable of than his own mother?  Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus our Lord in a miraculous way.  She knows who he is and what he is capable of.

She has full confidence that he will help, and she tells the servants do whatever he tells you to do.  I am not so certain that his instructions were what they expected.  There were nearby six stone jars, used for ceremonial washing, about 20-30 gallons each.  He asks the servants to fill the jars with water.  They did as Jesus asked, and then Jesus told them to draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.  I think these men had great faith and/or were very brave.  They just filled the ceremonial washing pots full of water, and now are to take the wash pot water to the master of the party to taste.  I am not so sure that I would have been so courageous.

They did take it and he did taste, but the water had been turned to wine.  The master did not realize where it has come from, even though the servants knew.  It seems like often times in Jesus’ life that these signs are not for the high and mighty.  Perhaps Jesus sending the servants was because he expressed earlier that his time had not come.  The master of the banquet calls the groom aside and says most people bring the good stuff out first and the cheaper stuff after no one cares.  Thinking it was the grooms doing he said, but you have saved the best for last.

There is some irony that this was the first miracle, and because the master knows not who did it, he thinks the best has been saved for last.  However, with Jesus there is no less than the best every time.  He is able always to supply for our needs, he is able to heal our hurts, and He is able to save through His blood.  This same water that was turned to wine also foreshadows Christ using the wine as a symbol of His shed blood for us.

It is said in scripture that this is the first of his miraculous signs.  It is expressed in John 2:11 that in doing so Jesus revealed his glory and his disciples put their faith in him.  When God reveals his glory through Jesus, his disciples put their faith in him.  When we look for the glory of God to be revealed, we will find the faith we so greatly need.  The faith of the few disciples that spread the good news of Jesus and changed our world forever.


John was not just trying to provide information about Jesus but transformation through Jesus.


She perceived the problem through the lens of material need:  more wine.  Jesus reflected on the problem through the through the lens of spiritual priorities:  the need to establish God’s kingdom on earth.


Two levels of the story seem to reveal the practical need to provide for and also the abundance with which Christ would provide through his sacrifice.

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