September 14, 2016-John 2:12-25


Jesus expressed displeasure with the church and what it had become as opposed to what it scripture said it should be “a house of prayer for all the nations” (Isaiah 56:7)


This is the only gospel that talks about Jesus making a whip out of cords, the only one to mention the more expensive animals like cattle and sheep. Only one to mention he drove out the merchants.  The merchants were fleecing the worshipers for their own personal gain and transformed the temple from a place of worship into a merchant shop, and Jesus would not allow them to continue.

Jesus’ actions would provoke backlash and they did.

How about the church of today?

As you attend church this Sunday, consider how your church might appear to a first-time guest.

  • Notice the building itself and how it makes you feel
  • Be sensitive to how the greeters welcome you
  • Note the actions and words spoken in your Bible study class
  • Pay attention to everything that is said and done in the worship service
  • When you get home, make a list of things you can to do make your church more conducive to worship and more inviting to guests
  • Share your list with your class or leaders

They misunderstand Jesus talk about the temple being destroyed and rebuilt in three days.

What is the church?  According to the story in our text, the church is a group of people who create an environment that is conducive to worship and inviting to those who want to worship.  How does our church fit that profile-an environment of worship and inviting?  If Jesus were to attend this week, what would he see?

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