October 5, 2016-John 3:22-36


Image that while doing good things for the Kingdom, and argument developed and the disciples of John go to him.  Interesting the argument was over ceremonial washing but their greater concern was that people were going over to Jesus.  Often times we struggle to express what the actual issue is.  We will make it be over something else.


John replies in typical John fashion “A person can receive only that what is given them from heaven.”  This is a moment for much consideration here.  A person can only receive that which has been given them from heaven.  What do any of us have (money, life, health, and family) that has not been given to us from heaven?  When we look at this as a perspective for of all of life, it is easier to let go of things that we believe we own or can control.  Things like money, life, health, and family.  It is not what I earn but what God gives, it is also what the Bible describes as grace.  Grace is then the essential theme throughout the whole of God’s word.


John continues telling them you have heard me say I am not the Messiah but was sent ahead of him.  The church (the Bride of Christ) belongs to the bridegroom (Christ) so how can I be jealous.  How can we try to own or possess what belongs to our Lord?  We are friends in attendance, waiting and listening, and full of joy when we hear him speak.  This this describe our church life and our prayer life?  Are we attentive, waiting, listening, and full of joy to hear Christ’s voice?  John continues that the joy is his and is complete.  Is our joy in having our way or in hearing from Christ?  John is fully aware of himself in light of Christ and gladly steps out-of-the-way.  Verse thirty is a challenge for me, “He (Christ) must become greater; I must become less.”  It is hard to allow Christ to become greater if we must become less.  But becoming less, doesn’t make us worth(less) or life meaning(less).

v. 31-33

John asserts again Jesus’ worthiness because of where he is from.  The one from heaven is above all.  He speaks of what he has seen and heard and no one accepts his testimony.  Many times people do not accept the testimony, because we want proof and don’t want to live by faith.  How can we understand?  The one who does accept Jesus’ testimony is speaking truth of God, it is like the AMEN or agreeing with God.

v. 34-36

When God sends someone it is to speak HIS WORDS not our own, and God’s Spirit is upon them.  God loves His Son (Jesus) and has placed everything in his hands.  How can John or we take anything away from Jesus if God has given and placed that authority upon him.  How can I be upset if God who gave for His purposes chooses to fulfill His purposes through me by then asking me to step aside for His glory?  Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but to reject the Son is to reject God and his provision for us.  It is as if saying that God’s Son is not sufficient, and God’s wrath remains when His Son is rejected.

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