Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 1 Hope

Isaiah 2:4-5

We are a people of hope living in the world with anticipation of how God would desire for it to be.   Our participation in this desire of God always draws us closer to Him and brings it closer each day.

The scripture points out that He will settle disputes between nations and people.  Not the power of our armies, or the strength of our weapons.  The true judge will render that unnecessary, for both his judgement and justice will be true and final.

The repurposing of time, energy, and resources will move us from death to life.  Swords used for killing will now be turned into plows for tilling the earth to plant crops and sustain life.  Spears turned into a means to provide life.

Nation will not need to train and study war anymore.  Training for what is no longer necessary.  Not need to become efficient in the art of death, destruction, power, and might.

Come people of God, let us walk in the light of the Lord.  We have walked in a way for so long it seems like it is just “the” way of the world.  Nations must be prepared to fight and defend.  While other nations carry that on to conquering and expanding their borders and influence.  When the righteous judge of nations comes to us it will no longer be necessary to study war anymore.

When the Lord comes, we will walk in the light of the Lord.  Yes, come quickly Lord that we may walk in your light.

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