Thursday, December 22, 2016

Week 4 Love

Luke 1:39-45

Mary goes out quickly to Zechariah’s house to see Elizabeth.  This is the one person she knew understood what God was doing in her life.  She was experiencing this same working of God in her own life.  When Mary arrived, and went in and greeted Elizabeth something great happened.  The baby John leaped for joy in his mother’s womb at the sound of Mary’s voice.  A sign of recognition and his role.  John would be a little older than Jesus.  He would go ahead of Jesus preparing the way for Jesus.  He would throughout his life he recognized Jesus for who he is, and understand his role in God’s plan.

How about you and I?  When we hear the name of Jesus does it illicit a response.  Are we leaping for joy because we know Christ is near?  Just like these greetings of Gabriel, is the nearness of Christ to us for our good?  John would, in that moment, and throughout his life recognize who Jesus was.  It was that recognition that helped him to understand his role because of who Jesus is.  When we recognize who, Jesus is, it will become more clear what our role is in the world today.  John was the forerunner, we are his agents of his good news.  Do you know him?  What is your role in his Kingdom’s work in the world today?

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