Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 4 Love

Luke 1:57-66

Speechless!  Zechariah didn’t understand how the message of Gabriel to him was practically possible.  The honest answer is that it is not possible, under human terms and understanding.  For the man of God who had been a servant of God for all these years should have known that God can do anything.

Zechariah and Elizabeth both wait with excitement for the arrival of John.  A lot happens in the nine months since they found out that John would coming into their lives.  In pregnancy people spend time preparing for the arrival of the child including picking a name.  A name is important.  It is not something the child chooses but is a projection of family identity, preferences, and their hopes and dreams for this yet unborn child.

When the child was born, Zechariah was still unable to speak and they ask what the name of the child will be and Elizabeth says, John.  They do not understand why the name is not a family name and so they wonder if there is some mistake.  They ask his father, Zechariah, and he writes down, “His name is John.”  You can almost hear him shout it.  It would almost seem disrespectful, Elizabeth had waited nine months to share him with the world and Zechariah had waited nine months to speak his beautiful son’s name John.  What a gift from God to Zechariah and Elizabeth, and what a beautiful gift to the world.  He will reveal at the right time the identity and purpose of the Messiah.  It all starts with a promise and a name.  What will you say about the names of John and Jesus?

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