Life Hangs in the Balance

Life hangs in the balance
As each labored breath
Shortens the distance
Between time and eternity

The rise and fall of the tide
Before crashing into the immovable
And leveling out
Finding a new shore

It does no good to resist
The inevitable, unavoidable
We waste what we have
Trying to stop what we can’t
In those moments of life finding regret
Not peace

We are always between
Where we are
And where we are going
To arrive at the destination
We must know the Way

Life hanging in the balance
What a silly phrase
Too often we are not sure
On which side of that balance
Is life

So while we hang on to this blessed breath
Our fragile breath
Rises and falls
Crashing into the shore of eternity

We hang in the balance between
Life and death
Perhaps we hang on
Because we are not sure
Which side is life, and which death

Our forever awaits
Leaving death behind
We find life
Not for a moment
Or a while
But life
Beyond time and compression
Beyond words and songs
And yet,
Once we are there
we know
We belong

Life is hanging in the balance
Are we ready to let go and embrace?
Are we ready to live now
For the life that awaits?

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