The Resurrection

Resurrection morning is the defining moment in all of Christianity.  Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah and he fulfilled prophecy.  He was born of a virgin and lived a perfect and sinless life.  He was God’s Son and he willingly took the sin of the world upon him and died in our place, making us right before God.  If Jesus had just been crucified but no resurrection where would be the promise of life?

Resurrection morning is the dawn of a new day.  The final enemy has been defeated and there is only life.  We have life in Christ because of the resurrection.  We have life in Christ as the Body of Christ because of the resurrection.  Without the resurrection, where is the life of the church?  Without the resurrection hope, what will encourage and inspire the disciples to move on sharing the gospel?  Is there any good news without the resurrection?

At the time of the crucifixion and death of Jesus only one of his disciples was at the cross.  They were hopeless and in despair.  Several had gone back to doing the jobs they had previously been doing.  What would it take to convince them to continue sharing the good news, even if it meant their lives?  The Resurrection!  Who would give their life for a lie?  They would have known if Jesus had not been raised.  They have first hand knowledge.  They chose to share about Christ’s resurrection.  They believed, do you?  What would it take to convince you that Christ is alive?  The voices of faith through the ages echoing back to the testimony of those first witnesses proclaiming, “He is Risen!”  “He is Risen, Indeed!”

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