It used to be for me that Father’s Day was about honoring my father and the sacrifices and example that he has been in my life.  I still believe that to be a great thing to do to honor our fathers and father figures in our lives by letting them know specifically what you appreciate.  If I were to try to take an inventory of the things I could say my list would be large, but I think it can be summed up in a word, example.  Although my father was good to us and did many wonderful things for us what I understand as the greater gift now wasn’t what he was or wasn’t able to give but who he was.  It was who he is in Christ that my father tried to live out and model in front of me and my sister.  He was not perfect at this, anymore than any other father, but his faith was real, his intentions were good, and my sister and I are better for it.  There were times when we didn’t have a lot but we had what we had always ever needed a mother and father who modeled Christ in front of us.

I see my role as a Father as a gift God has given me.  I too think that there are days when I wish I could do some things better for my children.  I may not be the cool dad that some kids say they want, but I hope that in time that my children will understand the love I have for them as their dad.  I believe all children are really God’s children that we have the privilege of being their earthly parents.  What a great gift and responsibility!  On tough days, I look to the example of my earthly father as he would look to our Heavenly Father for guidance and direction.  It is my prayer that my son and daughter will come to see and know Jesus.  I think this is too great a work to leave to chance or to give up our blessing and responsibility as fathers by waiting to see if someone else will show them Jesus.

It has long since been widely known that a child will learn these examples in the earliest years and most likely in their homes.  What type of example are we setting?  Does our example help our children to see that Christ is alive and can be trusted?  Ideally, following Christ’s example should begin in the home with a father, grandfather, or supportive father-figure, and it should be reinforced in the body of faith.  We in the body of Christ should help to support and pray for fathers and grandfathers but also look to the lives of the precious ones God has entrusted us with and ask are we setting the best example for them?

There were great men of faith who lived out that example in my life when I was younger.  Seeing these men live out their faith gave me confidence in Christ at an early age.  I also saw some men behaving in such a way that impacted me negatively, even now 30 years later.  I am a dad and I ask that you pray for me as I want to model Christ to my son and daughter.  Please pray that in doing so I will also honor my father who modeled Christ for me, and as much as possible allow the light of Christ to shine in your lives as well that my children and other children may also see Christ in you.

These words I share are a prayer for myself that I can be a Christian father to my son, and a prayer for all Christian men that we will be men of God.  Allowing our children to see Christ in us.  There are many fathers and grandfathers who are struggling and so Lord may you guide them and encourage them to live for you.  Lord, I pray that we would be an example for their lives as the grow in knowledge and faith.  Happy Father’s Day!

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