December 21, 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Luke 1:39-48a

Two extraordinary women, Mary and Elizabeth.  When Mary found out about Elizabeth, her cousin, she goes to see her.  Imagine Mary wondering who might believe her and how would she spend the next few months.  Knowing the Lord had also done what seemed to be the impossible in her cousin Elizabeth’s life.  She would surely understand both the confusion and excitement.  They had in each other the blessings of God in their bodies.  Life, where none would have been possible before.

When Mary arrives at Elizabeth’s house her baby jumped for joy in her womb.  Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, speaks about how blessed Mary is, and how blessed she feels that Mary would come to see her.  I’m sure that in some people’s mind Mary was not blessed.  Some, perhaps didn’t believe her story and ridiculed her as an adulteress, and take her husband as a fool for staying with her.  That doesn’t feel much like a blessing, yet they both trusted God and God’s messengers, and were faithful even if it was tough.  God also provided a support system in Elizabeth and Zechariah.  Their son, John the Baptist, would express joy for the arrival of Jesus the rest of his life.  He would recognize, point to, glorify, and honor Jesus.  Will we recognize God’s work in the world and will we honor and glorify Him?

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