December 24, 2017

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Isaiah 60:1-6

The coming of Christ into the world was and is truly the greatest of all gifts.  Isaiah was speaking words that were largely ignored at the time he shared them.  He responded to the call of God and shortly after God told him how the people would continue in this same path for some time.

Isaiah prophesied for God for over forty years and through the reigns of multiple kings.  I used to wonder “was he successful?”  Is the success of a prophet determined by the prophecies coming true or the influence of them to change the hearts and minds of the hearers?  Then I realized through the years, God did ask Isaiah to be successful, but faithful!  Wow!  This puts the outcome in God’s hands and in God’s time.  God’s word goes out and it won’t return void.

Many of Isaiah’s prophecies point beyond his life and are fulfilled in Jesus.  Good news about the binding of the brokenhearted, liberty to the captives, year of the Lord’s favor, comfort to all who mourn; and gladness for mourning.

Many people won’t attempt to do something unless they believe they can succeed.  Others will start, but if success doesn’t look likely then they will abandon the task.  What if the burden of success was removed?  We trust God for the outcome.  What if we focus on faithfulness rather than success?  Jesus would be glorified in us and God will do the impossible.  Even a virgin giving birth to the very Son of God!


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