Thursday, December 6, 2018

Philippians 1:12-18

Yesterday’s devotion, what moves us from gathering to following?

Paul shares his testimony with the church at Philippi.  He tells them that he is in prison for Christ.  Many might think that it would slow the spread of the gospel.  It spread even more because of Paul’s incarceration.  He had a captive audience with the guards whose job it was to keep an eye on the prisoners.  There was also the other prisoners who could also not leave and would hear the gospel as well.

Most of the brothers had become embolden by Paul’s unswerving faith.  It brought many to a place of fearlessness to share the gospel.  What about you?  What would inspire you all the more to share the good news of Christ?

Many different people will preach or speak out of different motivation, some from envy or competition, and others for goodwill.  Those who speak motivated by goodwill do so out of love.  Paul and his love and zeal for Christ landed him in prison.  The envious do so for selfish ambition, almost thinking they were rubbing it in Paul’s face while he was imprisoned.

Paul has a different view, rejoicing in both, because in both the gospel is saving lives.  How far would you follow Christ?  Prison? The Cross?  How easy would it be to ignore jealousy and trust God can work through any and everyone?

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