Make Time

February seems to have a little something for everyone.  Groundhog Day, Super Bowl, start of NASCAR season, some baseball teams begin Spring Training, Lincoln’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Ladies Tea, and so much more.

February is the shortest month of the year, yet there is so much that happens in February.  It got me to thinking about the brevity of life.  In the span of history and the scope of eternity, life is but a brief moment.  Brief, but filled with joy, sorrow, plans, and possibilities.

Life for some might be reduced to a series of events or accomplishments.  However, life shouldn’t be reduced to a resume, scrap-book, or obituary.  Life is for the living.  It involves relationships.  Taking time, even though there isn’t much to appreciate the world around us and the people we are blessed to know.

It isn’t wrong to make plans and have goals, but also do not forget to allow life to change, shape, and mold our days.  It may be in these “interruptions” of life that we see a little more Christ in the details, Christ in others, and are becoming more like him.

Life is short and we try to pack so much into our lives, don’t forget to enjoy the wonder of living, the blessings of friends and family, and the grace of Jesus Christ.  This brief life is the beginning of our journey from brevity to eternity in our continuing relationship with Jesus, who is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  He is the “Great I Am.”

Don’t let the busyness of life distract you from the blessedness of relationships with Christ and others.  See Jesus in others and Be Jesus to others.  Stop, look, and listen as relationships will grow and strengthen through the years.  In the years to come it is the relationships that will make the difference, in life and eternity.

Make time and take time for each other.

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