Advent Devotional-Tuesday, December 3, 2019

2 Peter 1:3; 5-9

Through God’s divine power he has given all things needed for life and godliness, not of our own merit, rather through Jesus Christ.  It is our knowledge of him that we are called to his own glory and excellence.  What a wonderful gift!

The maturing believer follows a pattern outlined here in scripture.  We should make every effort to grow in our faith with virtue.  Faith is the beginning of the journey, then move toward virtue.  Virtue is about the heart and character.  From virtue to knowledge where the desire to learn and grow increase.  From knowledge to self-control, this is a time when either from false confidence or freedom that control is needed.  Self-control is coupled with steadfastness.  If you only occasionally practice self-control, then it is not really controlled it is the exception rather than the rule.  It is that steadfastness that leads to godliness, godliness without brotherly affection can become legalistic or haughty.  The culmination of which is love.  It is both the culmination and motivation.

“Christ’s love compels us…” and it is in these qualities that we increase in effectiveness and fruitfulness in the knowledge of Christ.  Those who lack these qualities are so nearsighted as to be blind, forgetting the cleansing of their former sins, because they are no longer growing in Christ.  Continue to walk in “The Way.”

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