Too Long


It has been too long

The days, weeks

Moments were forgotten

Self-absorbed, turned away


It has been too long

Since these knees would bend

Hands clasp together

Finding life in your presence


It’s been too long

A hungry soul weeps

For the breath of creation

To recreate a new heart


Has it been too long

Do you still hear the prayers

Of this prodigal

Returning again to you


It has not been too long

The hands that bled

Are still the hands that bless

Restore again this soul with hope.

Be Gentle

Be Gentle

Word of care falling rapidly from a careless tongue.  Ripping apart the fabric of many promises.  The ideal lines that had defined her life are now skewed by reality.  She walks gingerly with her heavy heart, as not to get hurt again.  Her soul cries what her lips can not say…”be gentle.”  Be as gentle as an eyelash falling on my cheek.  Her spirit is thin and clear like a fine crystal, beautiful yet fragile.

Without You

Without You

A seemingly endless cosmos is reduced to one simple reality.  A day has no meaning but that of absence.



 Rich brown each, giving vital nutrients for life

Earth you have failed your job

Your provisions were not enough

No longer sustaining only containing

Locked away in a treasure chest

Hidden beneath your cold dry surface

His frantic hands claw and beat at the earth

Even though the treasure has lost its luster

Precious Jewel, locked away, her ruby lips have lost their color,

Her diamond eyes their shine

The only brilliance that remains is the treasure of her memory

Vietnam Memorial


Tender hands trace the cold stone

She looks at his name with empty eyes

Born an orphan

No hands to cradle

No tears at the prom

No arm to walk down the aisle

A faint comfortable voice

Lost in the darkness of the womb

His name among thousands of others

The only glimpse of his face

Is the reflection of her own

Around his etched name.